About Megaton

Make your dust under control.
For almost 40 years with much success, Chang Tjer Industrial Co., Ltd. has been focused on producing the high quality and efficient products. Chang Tjer was founded on the principles of trust, high quality, and prompt customer service with competitive prices. Chang Tjer is manufactured to rigorous and demanding quality control standards. To achieve these exacting standards we employ a multidisciplinary team of technical inspectors who follow each product through all stages of manufacturing, ensuring that quality standards are met and that all components are installed accordingly.
Chang Tjer has been involved in manufacturing filter dust collecting system, portable dust collector, downdraft table, air filter, belt sander over 40 years experience. Chang Tjer will continuously improve and innovating product features for the intention to provide better work environment and efficiency.
From 2011, we start Chang Tjer Machinery Co., Ltd. also using the new "MEGATON" brand to sell in Asia. We want to introduce the good quality with great function machinery to all of our user helping them on their woodworking project.
Chang Tjer’s future plan included broadening our products and upgrade to the industrial machineries. In this few years, a lot of new innovations drive our company moving forward all the time. We always like to design the new machineries base on making your works easier and your dust under control.